What Did Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Do to Catch Amazon?

In order for any clothing retailer to even get in the same conversation as Amazon, they need to really be making some serious sales in this very crowded industry. Amazon sits on the top rung, having taken in 20 percent of the total sales in the fashion e-commerce market year after year. If we are going to talk numbers, then we have to include Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in this very packed niche. In only three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is bringing in $250 million in sales of their unique women’s active-wear.


Talk to Hudson about what makes her athleisure brand stand out in this extremely crowded space, she will point to her reverse showrooming sales practice and the wide array of membership perks for her loyal customers. These might seem like a couple sales techniques that are not new, especially in this industry. To see them in action, we have to go travel to the Fabletics stores inside the local malls. This is a unique shopping experience for women, being able to try on everything in the store without any sales pressure from store associates. These women are browsing, window-shopping, and even taking the lifestyle quiz to boost their membership perks.


In order to dominate the fashion e-commerce market, you must have a solid online sales plan in place. The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is seeing these stunning sales figures in such short time has to do with the fact that you try something on in her retail store, it gets automatically uploaded to your online account. This means that when these women have more time to shop, they simply log into their membership account and all those pieces of leggings and yoga pants are waiting. Instead of worrying about what size the items are, you simply stuff that online cart with as many pieces of active-wear as you like.


As you can see, shopping at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not your typical shopping experience. Loyal Fabletics customers are raving at all of the member benefits that include free online shipping, assistance from their own personal shopper, and even discounted pricing on all the active-wear online and in the many retail stores. The sales techniques are successfully turning those shoppers into loyal long-term customers in record numbers, and Amazon may be surprised when they suddenly discover Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has not only caught them, they have surpassed them in sales.