Professional Life of Mortgage Banking Specialist, Todd Lubar

The Senior VP of Legendary Investments and the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC Todd Lubar is a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur in the real estate industry. Through commitment, perseverance and hard work he stands out as one of the leading mortgage originators. After working in the credit and finance sector for more than twenty years, he decided to venture in what interested him most; helping others become homeowners. So he founded TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investments. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar success is due to his work ethics and lifestyle. He is always abreast with latest events in the industry and aligns all his daily plans with the trends. Todd recognizes the power of the will in actualizing his ideas and the impact of associates. Consequently, he has decided to surround himself only with people who make him grow and challenge him to work on being better in business and as a person. As a professional, he observes a high level of organization, and he says this, makes it easy for him to keep tabs on all aspect of the business.

Todd Lubar began his career in the mortgage industry at Crestar Mortgage. While at the company, he learned about mortgage banking, developed skills and most importantly, he created an extensive network base of experts in diverse sectors. These relationships played a critical role when he decided to start his own business. He later joined Legacy Financial group where he honed his skills in broker loans.

With the wealth of practical knowledge, Todd decided to create a company that offered financial support to businesses and individuals who wanted to invest in real estate. To date, his company has processed over 7000 transactions. He has also extended his investment to different sectors such as night clubs, commercial demolition, and recycling industries.

Todd Lubar attended Peddie School of Hightstown and Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC before attending earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication from Syracuse University. He currently stays with his family in Bethesda Maryland. His primary desire is to add value in the life every person he meets, and so he works daily at improving himself.

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