Malcolm CasSelle, A Great Man

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur. He is also the President and Chief Technology Officer of New Ventures at tronc, Inc.


CasSelle earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then went on to earn his Master’s Degree from Stanford University. Malcolm majored in computer science for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In addition to being educated, Malcolm is also bilingual, he speaks Japanese and Mandarin.


Malcolm has held several leadership positions throughout the years. He previously worked with SeaChange International digital media company. He held the positions as general manager and vice president while with SeaChange. Malcolm has also invested in media companies like Facebook, Zynga, and many other companies!


In addition, Malcolm is also a co-founder of NetNoir. NetNoir is the first outside company to be accepted into the AOL’s Greenhouse Program. This was big for the company! Malcolm and his business ventures have many accomplishments to be proud of!


Malcolm has also been the CEO of Xfire. Xfire is a social site for core video game players. This site is very popular; it has over 22 million users. While working at this company, Malcolm did well at managing investments, not only at this company, but with several other companies as well.


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