Lori Senecal: An Inspiring Success Story in Business

Before Lori Senecal joined CP&B, she had already built a robust reputation for herself. Lori began by pursuing a degree at the University of McGill. After her education, she worked for companies in the advertising sector. Her talents in creativity and originality have helped major companies in advertising. For example, companies such as Coca-Cola and Xbox have done effective advertising campaigns through Lori Senecal.

Another company that Lori performed in well was KBS. It is a global firm with over eight hundred employees. Her service helped American Express, HomeGoods, Victoria Secrets, Vanguard, and BMW. Also, her fame has spread worldwide about how she is excellent at advertising. Lori’s passion in business began in high school. She was determined to pursue it until she finally achieved her success. Check out Salary to know more.


During her high school and college period, Lori was a gymnastics coach. This opportunity nurtured her leadership skills and discipline. The work of the coach is to strategize with the team and win. Communication is yet another essential skill that she learned during this period. Her plan was to set goals and remain consistent. This approach is similar to what Lori has been using in her career. Coaching created a strong foundation for the person she is today.

One of the most inspiring activities for Lori is working out. She believes that a workout motivates her to generate new ideas. However, she does not do it all on her own. Lori recognizes the effort and talent from other brilliant people. She believes in teamwork and values other people’s contribution. Every day, she gets to the office and follows up on how all other branches are progressing.


At the close of this year, Lori Senecal intends to retire from the advertising industry. She has built a legacy that will last in this industry. Her successor has a burden of maintaining and increasing the exceptional performance. Currently, Lori is mentoring people to acquire her skill and propel the company to higher advancements.

Lori Senecal has also been investing her knowledge in women and encouraging them to follow in her success. Throughout her career, the advertising pro has been recognized as one of the few successful women in business. Lori has faced many challenges, but they did not deter her commitment.

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