Karl Heideck, A Skilled Litigator Serving Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck, A Skilled Litigator Serving PennsylvaniaKarl Heideck, a Philadelphia area litigation attorney, has some valuable advice for companies regarding modern legal concerns in business. Heideck states that companies must stay on top of their finances should they be facing a lawsuit, or even have the potential of one developing. Aside from maintaining accurate records and reserves to account for such incidents; Karl Heideck states that litigation finance companies are popping up everywhere. Better known as litigation financing, third party financing or lawsuit financing, these companies are able to lend based on company needs. The challenge with financing companies is that they are often not viewed as a viable solution to customers. The climate is changing as marketing efforts increase with these lenders.

Karl Heideck is a contract attorney at Hire Counsel in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. His education began at Swarthmore College earning a bachelor’s degree in English. He continued on to earn his Juris Doctor (law) degree from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. His skill set includes legal writing and research, litigation, corporate law and product liability. He’s been involved In law in one aspect or another for approximately the last decade.

Karl Heideck’s experience in law includes seeing the litigation process from start to finish. More specifically, he handled responses to complaints, establishing (personal) jurisdiction, filing responses on behalf of clients and even appeals. Having a background in general law as well, Karl Heideck is able to practice In areas outside of his specialty. He is capable of representing either party in any type of lawsuit. Heideck’s credentials and well-rounded background make him a great candidate for any type of legal matter large or small.