Speaks To Rick Libby Of The Traveling Vineyard

One of the questions asked of The Traveling Vineyard President, Rick Libby during his interview was what strategies he utilizes to maintain his firm’s prosperity. also followed up that question with how does Rick Libby plan out a typical day for himself at work.

Rick Libby responded by saying that he always strives to make The Traveling Vineyard a leader of innovation in the wine industry. Mr. Libby believes that his firm cannot remain stagnant and only rely upon old or existing ideas. He believes it is important to take what he calls calculated risks if one is to maintain his share of the wine market.

On how he plans a day for himself at work, Rick Libby said that about half of his day is devoted to tasks that need to be completed right away. The rest of his spare time at work is spent on developing strategic goals for his company. Mr. Libby also says that it important to take out time everyday to speak with the staff members and the wine guides who sell and market his wines directly to people.

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The next question asked of Rick Libby was when did he experience a major disappointment in his business endeavors and what he he take away from that disappointment. Mr. Libby said that during the 1980’s he paired up with some like minded entrepreneurs to start a new business. Their business ran out of funding before it became profitable. What Rick Libby takes away from this failure is that entrepreneurs need to prepare for high startup costs and incremental increases in profitability. This way they can avoid the same disappointment that he had experienced in the 1980s. then posed a more personal question to Rick Libby. He was asked what recreational activities he does when he is not working. Rick’s hobbies include sailing, riding around on a motorcycle and scuba diving. Mr. Libby also mentioned that he does CrossFit exercises to try and stay in shape. Reading is also a hobby that Rick Libby enjoys. He says that not only can you relax while reading, but you can sometimes learn a lot of useful information as well.

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