HousingWire Vanguard Recognizes Nationwide Title Clearing for Leadership Excellence

HousingWire Vanguard, a leading awards program selected Nationwide Title Clearing’s (NTC’s) Chief Operations Officer Michael O’Connell for leadership excellence in the mortgage finance and housing industry. Mr. O’Connell joined the company in 2005 heading the NTC teams in sales and client relations, and was promoted eight years later to COO. He worked with CEO John Hillman to improve its website and launched an online ordering service to ensure accuracy of real estate reports. The service was introduced in 2014 to reduce and eliminate issues involving title defects; including incorrect wording, failure to file documents, and previous liens on properties. Since the service was launched, NTC has improved its quality control and performance, two key factors in which HousingWire Vanguard recognizes leaders and professionals in the industry.



Nationwide Title Clearing is honored with the 2016 HousingWire Vanguard Awards for maintaining over 99 percent county compliance rate in 2015. O’Connell said the company experienced a decrease in the county reject rate, which dropped to 79 percent and at the same time increased documents recording to an all-time high. He shares his award recognition with the NTC team and says they were successful by reviewing and revising quality control and training policies and procedures. They stayed focused on possible risk factors and issues, as well as, quality inspections to ensure efficiency with productivity and accuracy.



All NTC’s employees are trained, including the executives who are required to receive up to eight weeks of training, whether they have prior experience or new to the mortgage industry. Michael O’Connell said his role at NTC is to lead by example and help mentor a team that takes pride in the company’s products and services to produce quality. The COO continues to prove himself as a leader in the housing and mortgage finance industry by managing daily operations of the delivery divisional departments of more than 300 employees.



Nationwide Title Clearing is a leading American research and document processing provider in the mortgage and financial industry. The company is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida and last year, opened a new office in Dallas, Texas. Since 1991, NTC has provided quality services to residential mortgage servicers, investors, and lenders.


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