Hassain Sajwani Continues A Unique Pattern of Success

Hussain Sajwani began his successful business empire as a caterer to the United States armed forces during the Gulf Wars. He was very successful at supplying the types of meals that the Americans wanted and liked and did so while being cost effective and very timely in the services rendered. While he still provides catering services all over the middle east, his current claim to fame is his real estate business.


Sajwani has teamed up with Donald Trump, before Trump’s political success in becoming President of the United States, and continues to do business with the Trump family, although not directly with Trump himself.


Sajwani formed the real estate company Damac in 2002, primarily to become a major player in the residential market in the Middle East. The Damac owner is known for his original and unique marketing techniques, such as a “Bently with every apartment purchased” which attracts lots of buyers. Sajwani He originally took advantage of a decree by the Dubai decree by the government initiative that allowed foreigners to own property in the UAE.


He initially purchased some land in an area of town that was largely undeveloped and began promoting it like crazy, which paid off very well. He was able to sell all the units in his initial 38 story building of residential apartments in just six months, even before construction was started. Since then he has built many such luxurious apartments in many areas and has been largely responsible for lifting the image of Dubai to its now-luxurious state.


In the process, Sajwani became friends with Donald Trump, and with that association, there have been two Trump International golf courses, on opening in February of 2017 at the Damac Akoya residential development and the Trump World Course, which was designed by Tiger Woods which will be open in 2018 and another Damac development.


Hussain Sajwani is an excellent businessman and is a wonderful role model for any entrepreneur. He pays cash for the land upon which he builds his developments, that way the location is always secure. He keeps cash reserves equal to any financing he incurs so that all construction is secured as well, as this keeps things growing at all times, a concept that he has passed on to the entire Hussain Sajwani family who words with him in the business.


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