Follow Your Dreams: Advice from Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Doe Deere, founder of ultra-trendy beauty line Lime Crime, was recently featured in an article where she talked about how to make your dreams really come true (The full article can be found here:


For those of you that aren’t familiar with Lime Crime, it is a line of funky, bright-colored lipsticks, highlighters, eye shadows and more. The line has a following that borders on cult-like, as buyers are extremely loyal and engage with Lime Crime actively on social media. What’s different about Lime Crime is that their products are not only vegan and never test on animals – they actually engage back with their users in a really great way. They use a digital-first method to showcase real users wearing their products smack dab in the middle of their website.


Doe Deere built this company out of a dream she had around 2008 and it became an empire and her nation of “Unicorns” loyal subjects of that empire. They refer to doe as the “Queen of the Unicorns” for her incredible and inspirational style. She is known to sport purple hair one week and orange the next, both always paired flawlessly with her wonderful line of Lime Crime products.


So what was her advice on making dreams come true? It was really all about finding a similar dream of passion, like what she had with Lime Crime, and believing in yourself enough to really make it happen. She had a passion to build a fun and whimsical line of beauty products because that was a calling she had inside her. She had always been drawn to these fun shades and at the time Lime Crime was founded the era of the neutral palette was still upon us, meaning these shades were scarce.


Doe trusted herself enough to push forward with her dream and build Lime Crime from the absolute floor up. The brand started taking off due to the fact that so many women felt the same passion to express themselves for vividly through beauty products just like Doe did. She admits in the article she was a bit surprised at just how many people were out there that felt exactly like she did about the beauty lines falling short as far as personal expression. With that realization, Lime Crime went from a dream, to a startup, to a mega-brand celebrated all over the world for the innovation it brought to the beauty market.


Doe Deere also recommended to no not be afraid to dream big. If you have that dream or passion inside you, ask yourself how you can amplify it into the largest scale? She believes that because we are all unique we all have a unique gift or calling and it’s only when we allow ourselves to “blossom” that the calling can grow with us until it is something outside of us, like Lime Crime became.


The key to blossoming? Get to know yourself deeply. Get to really learn what you love and where you want to go and then set those plans in motion to get there.