Dr. Mark Mc Kenna: Ideamensch

Dr. Mark McKenna created the company OVME in early 2017. At the present time, Dr. Mc Kenna is also the CEO of the organization. OVME is a technology based company that specializes in Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Mc Kenna‘s organization has essentially improved elective healthcare in a variety of ways.

Dr. Mc Kenna got his ideas and inspiration to start his own company by working within the aesthetic industry. In addition, Dr. Mc Kenna has discovered that setting a specific goal and working toward achieving the goal is critical for long term success.

Dr. Mark Mc Kenna uses various visualization techniques to get a clear picture of how to utilize his thoughts and ideas. Putting ones ideas into action is ultimately what leads to success especially within the business world. In addition to visualization, Dr. Mc Kenna does meditate on a regular basis. Mark Mc Kenna also believes that one must follow a daily schedule or regimen. Therefore, waking up at a certain time each day, exercising, getting dressed and preparing for the day must all be planned out in advance and then the daily plan or regimen be properly executed. Organization is another important factor which leads to success.

Dr. Mc Kenna is a Medical Doctor that currently hold a license in medicine and surgery. In addition, he is currently licensed by Florida as well as Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mc Kenna graduated from Tulane Medical School. After graduating from Medical School and completing his internship, Dr. Mc Kenna elected to work with his father in his medical practice. Mark Mc Kenna’s father is also a Physician.

Dr. Mc Kenna and his father decided to create a company called Mc Kenna Venture Investments. The company is essentially a boutique type real estate investment firm. Real estate is certainly quite different than practicing medicine. However, it seems Dr. Mc Kenna feels both professions are equally as fulfilling.

Dr. Mc Kenna feels that a person should try their hand at anything that happens to interest them. A person will never know if they enjoy doing something unless they try it first. A career in medicine as well as real estate can bring about financial as well as personal success.