Dr. Cameron Clokie: Oral Surgeon in Canada

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a successful surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur with a knack for Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. He taught for years at the University of Toronto on these sciences and retired. However, he is still very much active in pursuing his passions by helping others and counseling through his own expertise in the field.

With so many different branches of medicine out there, there are many variables to take into account. Dr. Clokie consults different businesses and industries within the medical field, utilizing his expertise to advance the field and further his impact on regenerative medicine as a whole.

According to QBuzz, Dr. Cameron Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. where they research musculoskeletal reconstruction. Over the years he has been on many advisory boards of companies who are concerned with improving the lives of their patients. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine

He has a wealth of knowledge and is quiet the contender in this field of research. This is backed up by his many accomplishments such as the publishing of articles and prestigious papers as well as scientific journal articles on regenerative processes.

The advancements in Dr. Cameron Clokie’s field are making it possible to move forward with results. Through these results, we will further understand the implications of regenerative science and bone reconstruction in relation to the human body. His list of achievements make him exceedingly credible, as he really understands the depths of his field and can accurately answer all inquiries of relevance to the science. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: http://www.ideacity.ca/speaker/cameron-clokie/

As a prominent leader and doctor in this emerging science, he is frequently sought out for his professional counsel, no surprise. And he is happy to oblige and help those in need because he is also a very compassionate Doctor with the ability to see past the work and into his patients predicament. It is this passion that fuels success and allows for the best treatment available in the bone health field.

As an entrepreneur he is the holder of 25 US and international existing and/or pending patents that have advanced the surgical knowledge of oral and maxillofacial surgery but also in contributing greatly to bone regeneration.