Bruce Levenson Does Good At The University Of Maryland

In 2010 the Do Good Institute was established at The University of Maryland with the aim of educating the next generation of philanthropists and not for profit leaders about the best ways of achieving their aims in the future. However, Bruce Levenson has even loftier aims for the institute he assisted in founding with a donation of $75 million; Levenson believes the Do Good Institute can create a campus filed with a group of students and staff members who all feel volunteering and not for profit work are a part of everyday life.

The first offering from the Do Good Institute in 2010 was “Philanthropy 101”, a program that allowed students to distribute $10,000 in donations to a range of good causes; the idea behind this program was to allow students the opportunity to develop their idea of which philanthropic programs have the ability to have the most positive impact on the community.See,

Bruce Levenson has been playing a major role in the community of Maryland and Washington D.C., the loyalty shown by Bruce Levenson to the Maryland area has seen him keep his UCG business headquartered in the state throughout its existence. Understanding how best to get his point across to a range of people within a community has made all the difference to the work of Bruce Levenson throughout his life, which according to Forbes Magazine, has seen Levenson use his former role as the head of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to publicize his own good causes; Levenson and the members of the Atlanta Hawks franchise attended the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. to make sure NBA fans had some sense of the history of the Holocaust of World War II.

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  1. The University of Maryland has long been a supporter of the cause of bringing philanthropy and not for profit work to the everyday lives of people in many different areas of the community. It is also going to cause something for more than what they have experimented with and it’s really cool that way too.

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