Bruce Levenson and the Do Good Institute

The former Atlanta Hawk’s owner Bruce Levenson sold his team in 2014, reports, and after he sold the team, he jumped into the non-profit sector and funded the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland.

The Do Good Institute’s mission is to reach students that are at the undergraduate level at the University of Maryland and get them to see the importance of non-profit and volunteering. The plan is to be able to create more business leaders and get them to become people who compete against their private-sector counterparts.

Levenson mentioned in his interview with Benzinga that over the years they found out that great organizations that were run by amazing people had fallen short of their mission because they simply lacked the business skills that were needed in order to be successful so Levenson and his wife decided to go to the University of Maryland with their ideas. Then after, Levenson and his wife came up with the 75 million and Maryland got the rest, which was 20 million.

The first class being offered was Philanthropy 101. This class became a major hit on campus because it consisted of a lab component and students were given $10,000 to give to the cause that they chose.

The Do Good Institute consists of two-prong missions. The first one is in hopes of students that graduate from the institute will eventually give back and lastly, in hopes to train the incoming generation of non-profit leaders.

The program has also been very successful when it comes to entrepreneurship. A former student, Ben Simon, became co-founder of the Food Recovery Network. This was through the Do Good Institute. This program was a student-run waste-prevention movement that occurred on campus.

While getting exposure, he started another project called Imperfect Produce. This program consisted of helping consumers to get discounts on produce. The goal of this program was to limit a lot of produce from being wasted.

Levenson goes on to say that they have been able to accomplish a lot of things in Maryland and people can build amazing things. Alternative education is on the rise and this institute is offering things that will help to better shape higher education.

Bruce himself is a basketball player. He also loves to ski, golf, and is an adventurous traveler. He graduated from the Washington University in St. Louis and the American University School of Law. Bruce is also a journalist. He currently has homes located in Atlanta and Potomac, Md.


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