Beneful Keeps Dogs Happy and Healthy

For Walmart shoppers, Beneful dog food is a favorite pick!

It can be found at the store in a plethora of flavors. From chicken to salmon, your dog’s preference will most likely be available. Depending on what type of dog or how many a shopper has, Beneful comes in varying sizes. Right now you can buy a 40 lbs bag of dry food for $33.98 or a 15.5 lbs bag for $13.98. If your dog prefers wet food, you can buy individual meals for $1.77 each (although they are meant for larger companions). The wet food comes in both 3 oz and 10 oz cans. The value pack of the 3 oz variety comes with 27 cans at a price of $14.98 (18 cents an ounce)! While the 10 oz value pack comes with 6 cans coming to a price of $10.56.

A beloved flavor among dogs in the Beneful originals with real salmon. It’s available right now at Walmart for $26.98 for a 31.3 lbs bag. You can also buy a slightly smaller bag, 15.5 lbs, for just 13.98! Unfortunately, the flavor is not available in canned wet food but their is a salmon with sweet potatoes and other vegetables!

Sadly, there seems to be no coupons available to save with Beneful dog food right now but be on the look out because they show up often! in the meantime, check out the rollbacks on prices. Walmart is known for keeping their products cheap and affordable for you so your dog can stay in tip top shape.

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