A New Type of Hospital

On the beach at Rio de Janiero’s Copa Cabana Beach, there is a new building sitting among the resort hotels and restaurants. At first glance, you might presume that it is a hotel or an art gallery or a restaurant. It is none of those. It is a hospital.

In the lobby, you will see a grand piano along with overstuffed sofas and plush chairs. You will find art work by the world renowned Japanese artist, Yakuta Toyota. You will find his art work and sculpture throughout the hospital.

Every patient’s room is a suite of rooms. There, you will find that the patient can control the drapes, the temperature, and the lighting from their own iPad provided by the hospital. On it, the patient can contact the hospital staff, the nurses, and even the doctor. The doctor can use it for video conferencing with the patient, and even display the results of the patient’s latest tests.

In the Intensive Care Units, the patients are provided with a control for a large screen television. On it, the patient can view live streaming video of the street below, the corridors in the hospital, and even the goings-on on the beach! This is done to help alleviated the feeling of isolation one gets while in the Intensive Care Units.

Know more: http://sidetech.com.br/index.php/copa-star-contrata-peoplenet/

The hospital sports a restaurant for the patient’s guests. It is not a cafeteria that serves cafeteria type of food. It is a five star restaurant, designed by a world famous chef.

The nine operating rooms come with all the latest, most up-to-date technology available. There are a number of robotic and computerized extensions that can be used, and the testing areas are in the operating rooms themselves, so that doctors can stop and do tests during the operation if they feel necessary.

The building itself is a wonder in its own right. It uses 50% less energy than its counterparts. The building was designed that way. This save energy and creates far less pollution than any comparable building its size. Read more at scoopnest.com about Copa Star.

The hospital is the work of the company, D’Or. Under the guidance of Jorge Moll, the president of the company, they plan to open several more hospitals like it. Their next targeted areas are Sao Paulo and Brasiia.

The Hospital Copa Star will specialize in cardiology and neurology, and is well equipped to handle such a specialty.

D’Or operates a number of hospitals throughout Brazil.